Preview of Become your Higher self e-book


Chapter 1 – First glimpse behind the veil

Who is this book for?

This book is firstly for people who want to discover their true inner self and experience fast spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is a key step on everyone’s journey to enlightenment. The good news is that spiritual awakening is becoming easier and can happen much faster after the magic date of 21st December 2012.

This book should also give support and many answers to those who are already experiencing any sort of awakening, especially if they are not finding it easy. There is a lot covered in this book and I hope everyone will find something here that they are looking for.

Additionally, this book is a gift for those who:

-Had enough of living the “normal” way because it does not make them truly happy. They have a feeling that there is something missing and something wrong with the world and with modern society priorities. They are not attracted to achieving the success defined by today’s modern society – wealth, power, status. Instead, they are looking for a deeper level of happiness, peace, fulfilment and love, and they want to make this world a better and fairer place.

-Struggle to cope in life for various reasons. Perhaps because of the tough economic climate. Or they may feel like the world is against them and they are powerless about the things that are happening to them., Or life feels like a rollercoaster, quickly up and quickly down. They wish they can understanding the things that are happening to them and know how to create a happier reality.

-Want to understand more about how things in life work - the visible and invisible.

-Are not sure what is the deeper meaning of them being here, or are generally “bored with life” and want more out of it.

-Believe in God or spirituality but are not receiving answers, guidance or help and so struggle to spiritually progress. And they still feel alone.

-Feel let down by the mysterious day 21.12.2012, which was meant to bring good things, yet nothing positive seems to have happened.This book is also for people who believe that this date brought positive things and they want to know more how life will change after 2012.

-Or they are simply looking for an exciting read and have an open mind.


What do I want to achieve with this book?

I want to help you discover your true inner self, like I did. I want to help you expand your consciousness, spiritually awaken, connect and eventually merge with your Higher self - the other half of you J.

By doing this, you will find your true power and magnificence.You will be in a good position to claim back your freedom. Freedom that could have been taken away from you by those people, companies, political and belief systems which suppress who you really are and hide the truth from you.

Once you get there, you can help others discover who they really are. You can help them find their inner beauty and power.

I also reveal many secrets of the way things and life really work, especially those that governments and educational systems do not want us to know and are not telling us about...

All this will contribute to the global peaceful revolution already on the way, and to the creation of much happier and fairer world we will live in.

I look at things from higher and higher perspective and take the reader with me to higher levels of awareness. Here seemingly unconnected things suddenly start falling into place, like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

So as opposed to other books which tend to focus on one area, I aim to show you much bigger and fuller picture, across the widest imaginable spectrum. This includes the visible and invisible, our world, the universe and beyond on the “other side” where your Higher self is J.

All of this will put you in far better position to understand the things that are happening to you and around you. It is another way of empowering you and helping you to more easily overcome the difficulties you face.

I also want to renew faith of people who feel let down by the mysterious day of 21.12.2012 because nothing positive seems to have happened. I want to reveal how life is slowly changing towards a better and fairer world after all.

I try to explain everything including the complicated stuff using straightforward language and so make it easier to understand.

Just reading this book with an open mind should connect readers to their higher parts of themselves. It should also act like a spiritual initiation, similar to when people are initiated to for example become a Reiki healer.  This should help you become the great I’ AM that you are but don’t know about it yet. And after that it is up to you how you utilise this new amazing partnership with your higher parts of yourself for your good.

Actually the warm-hearted people are partially awakened already. This book should make them realise how big is what they have already achieved, and add another powerful engine to their car so that they can move quicker and easier on their awakening path towards enlightenment..

Hand in hand with the above, I want to help readers achieve the following things which come along with spiritual awakening:

-Develop higher awareness and become more present (right here, right now) This way become more aware of ourselves, including what we carry in our mind J, and everything around us.

-Move to living more from the heart than from the mind. Increase the love and light that we shine and receive. Through this become the carrier of the divine, raise own vibration and move closer towards enlightenment..

-Increase the ability to create the reality we desire.

-Find deeper purpose and peace, become happier and more joyful.

-Become the leader of tomorrow and join in healing the world.

It is mainly through expanded consciousness and our heart and compassion that we connect and then merge with higher parts of ourselves, and increase our intuition.

Spiritual growth is exciting. Once people spiritually awaken, achieving enlightenment should be inevitable, just a question of time. But this process brings challenges that need to be overcome. And so I also want to give people guidance on how to overcome the challenges they may face.

But I do appreciate and respect that everybody has their own path, is at a different stage on this path, and everybody’s experiences during their awakening / spiritual development are specific to them. So I can’t predict these individual experiences and give detailed steps on how to deal with individual challenges. But I aim to help people get to the position to sail through them with ease themselves.


Comparison to the film Matrix

Those of you who watched and remember the film Matrix, did you ever wonder if there could be two worlds in real life just like there were in the film. Did you ever wonder if we too could be kind of having a bad dream thinking that it is the true reality? If you did you were kind of right. The true reality is actually much happier than most would think.

Reading this book with open mind will help people wake up pretty quickly to the true reality. Just like when Neo in Matrix took the magic pill and woke up. But as you know big things are usually not achieved by simply swallowing a pill, so it will require effort from your side too J.

Who will not like this book?

This book is not for everyone. Some people do not agree with spiritual awakening. They strongly believe in themselves the way they are and in things that they can see and prove. These people may not want to carry on reading. And if they do, they may be sceptical, dislike & disagree with what is revealed here or even laugh at it.

But if they carry on reading I will aim to help them become more aware of their inner self hiding deep inside.


How is the book structured?

This book is takes you on a journey of discovery across a wide range of areas.

For example, because there are no coincidences, how do we “attract” the things that we experience each day, the events that happen to us? What have we attracted to learn from or to wake up to and what is the result of our thoughts and beliefs? Or what have we attracted as our opportunities to make decisions and so define who we are?

As part of the explanations and revelations about how life really works, I explain the principles of the universal laws, such as the 7 Hermetic laws. No other book seems to reveal so much about them and apply them to everyday life through practical examples. (I actually learned a few things from Kryon and his channellings - this divine being also officially channels for the United Nations in their own New York building J)

I created a number of easy and interesting self-assessment tests so that readers can get an idea where they stand when it comes to things like the overall spiritual development, negative emotions and unconditional love. Similarly the book contains various self-analysis to help readers find more about themselves.

The book offers methods and tools for getting in control of own life, create the reality we desire, clear unhelpful emotions stored in the body and balance other disharmonies like attachments.

This is a practical book and I give many day-to-day examples which explain the principles covered.


Are you really ready to awaken and what will start happening if you say yes?

People who are already experiencing any sort of awakening do not need to ask themselves this question. They will probably wonder instead how much will this book help them.

For the others, please continue reading only if you are really ready to spiritually awaken and ready to take on the responsibility of the more evolved person you will become. Because once you start to awaken, it will be hard to close your eyes again. It will be hard to stop or turn back becauseyou can’t spiritually unlearn what you have learned. But you can always slow down again.

It is no coincidence that you are reading these words and facing this decision. Most likely you attracted it as an opportunity to significantly speed up your development.

Spiritual awakening starts simply with your intent, with your decision to awaken. You decide if you want to take the blindfold off your eyes.  If you don’t want to, the intent is not there and your choice must be respected. If you don’t feel ready, wait until you are..

Once you decide that you want to go ahead, it all starts pretty fast.You will start experiencing more coincidences. These may amaze you especially after you learn to understand their meaning. Also your Higher self will become more active in organising opportunities and events for you to move you forward. Why? Because your Higher self will know that you will be more likely to spot these opportunities and so act on them, and understand these events.

Basically, on one hand things around you will begin to feel more magical J. On the other hand you will start to see things more clearly with greater ability to step back and see the bigger picture. And you will notice things that you did not before. Some of them you may not like or you may be disappointed about. For example, you will realise how many people around you are not aware of basic things like some of their emotions and thoughts.

But remember that your awakening will have positive impact on people around you, a bit like when you light up a match in a dark room. And so you should be in a better position to help others. 

Many things that you will read in this book may sound unbelievable to begin with or simply not true, but please give them a chance. Just by being aware of this new information you should soon start to see things in a different light. So initially you may just want to observe with curiosity the coming coincidences, events & messages from your inner self, and make up your mind later.

In any case you are taking your own responsibility for the consequences of reading this book and what it means for you.

Some people may find the awakening journey harder than others, for example because they will face things that they may have denied in the past. But please remember that once you decide to spiritually awaken, you will be guided and protected by your higher parts of yourself. And your Higher self will not let you fail. The force will be with you and you will reach the finish line if you don’t give up.

It is not about the finish line though, it is about the journey to it.

This is journey is well worth travelling because spiritual awakening is also a way to become in charge of own life and to experience increased happiness. It is a way out of the “drama” of everyday life.

With each bit of progress we make on the awakening journey, it gets easier. We get more help from the other side, the journey tends to get more enjoyable and the light at the end of the tunnel becomes brighter.

If you are ready then let’s start with awakening.

Let’s begin with the mysterious day of 21 December 2012


What really happened on 21 December 2012?

A lot has been written and promised about this date. Of course there were fear-based negative predictions, but more sources were talking about an exciting new beginning. This is because a galactic alignment took place on this day whereby the sun (winter solstice) was aligned with the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, as seen from the Earth.  This happens only once in about 26,000 years (25,765 years) and completes the astronomical cycle also called the precession of the equinoxes or the Earth’s “wobble”. The ancient Mayans who were amazing astronomers and mathematicians knew about this all along. They ended their calendar on this day to mark the end of times as we know it.

But nothing positive seems to have happened on the day and afterwards, and so a lot of people who believed the predictions felt let down. Some felt particularly silly because they had spread positive messages about the new beginning and now may be laughed at.

Well, let me tell you that nobody should feel silly because something magic did happen on 21.12.2012. But as opposed to the “miracles” that many sources predicted, it was so subtle that the vast majority of people did not feel anything. Mainly a huge amount of spiritual energy from the central Source washed over the Earth.

Actually a small minority of people sensed this energy in their own way. They felt a difference on that day. Here are some of the experiences that they (and I) had:

-They felt lighter, more peaceful and relaxed. Their worries, fears and other problems seemed smaller and they felt lifted above them.

-They felt generally happier for no obvious reason.

-Their mind was clearer and they felt like mentally and physically slowing down. They felt drawn into the present moment and may have struggled more to get things done on that day.

-They felt more connected to other people

-People who sense energy felt waves of gentle, warm, uplifting and loving energy.

Some of you are still likely to be sceptical and say “OK, let’s say that there is more spiritual energy here, but so what? I can’t see any positive consequences”. You are right, the consequences are not very visible because they are so gradual and can easily be missed.  

I knew deep inside a few things about what this spiritual energy brings. But the big picture formed in my consciousness only towards the end of January 2013 after some “soul searching” and messages from the divine being Kryon. Let me share it with you.

Many good things are quietly happening.

Firstly, the build up of the spiritual energy is raising the overall human consciousness.  How does human consciousness actually move higher, you may ask? Mainly as individual people open their hearts more, expand their consciousness and spiritually awaken.  And this energy shift is helping more and more people with their individual transition and with transmuting their accumulated negative energies.

The other important consequence of this new divine energy is that things are now materialising faster in the physical world.Consciousness forms reality faster because there is greater connection between consciousness and matter.

As a result it is easier to materialise our thoughts, intentions and desires, even though this is not noticeable enough for most people..That is good news but if you ever have a bad day, then please be careful about what you wish for..

Importantly, connecting with inner self and other people (who are open to it) is becoming easier too. And so people can speed up their own spiritual development with less effort than in the past, if they wish. I now understand why I had inner desire to write this book close to the end of 2012 and not earlier. Fast spiritual awakening was harder to achieve before 21.12.2012..

In the world of duality, it is unfortunately also easier for people to drift into their own internal reality - “into their own world” if they are not careful. And to disconnect with other people L. For example, you may have noticed how many teenagers and adults hooked on computer games are losing connection with the real world and other people, especially those who are not like them. And this is already more wide-spread than among these people.

Finally, looking at the world from a bird’s eye perspective, it will become clearer one day that something new has started. We are the beginning of a new era as the build up of spiritual energies reached critical mass (I will say more on this in a while). And so 21.12.2012 is the marker of time after all.


Moving to Heart consciousness

Actually the spiritual energy began to change on Earth as far back as 1987 when a planetary alignment called the Harmonic Convergence occurred. Two years later the communist stronghold in the Eastern Europe crumbled as people won their freedom. This shift of energy has gone one gear up in 1994 when the sun reached the edge of our Milky Way galaxy (on its way towards the galaxy center as seen from the Earth). Then the spiritual energy escalated on 21.12.2012.

With it a new era for Earth started, whether we sense it or not. People and life on Earth are moving to the next stage of evolution - to heart consciousness and to a more compassionate Earth.

This will come together over the next 18 years. Two things working together will help make this happen. The continuing energy shift which will last until about 2031 when the sun reaches the other edge of Milky Way.  And then people like you and me! How? Through our spiritual development and through our actions, supported by this divine energy! We will redefine human nature.

The changes will continue to happen slowly but surely. Like when grass grows and you don’t see the difference from one day to another. The ways of how things work today will slowly become replaced by better ways. The old ways of loneliness, sorrow, despair and war will be slowly squeezed out. Unification instead of separation of hearts is coming.

By 2031 this new era for humanity and the Earth will be in full bloom. And the day will come after that when people will look back at the old times and we will wonder why were people so “barbaric” then, and how could they have been doing those things to each other.  And 21st December 2012 will be seen in the hindsight as the marker when something profound has changed and things started changing for better faster.

Actually, populations all over the planet have already been standing up for a while and saying “it is time to say good bye to the way things have been, to the old ways”. And this will intensify. The big country where this is waiting to happen is Iran. Watch the space.

The transition to heart consciousness is also very individual.It is us who decide when we “move to this higher consciousness”. So how do we decide?  We decide this with our own spiritual development and heart openness. In simple words, when we reach certain level of spiritual development, when we “live through our heart”, we start experiencing this higher consciousness.  We experience this simultaneously with experiencing and operating in the physical 3D world.

Among the main qualities of heart consciousness are unconditional love, compassion, peace, unity, joy, higher perspective and understanding. Because of this, it appears that dark / negative energies of for example hate, selfishness and ignorance cannot operate in the heart consciousness and have to stay behind J. This is a big relief even though it is unimaginable at the moment how it can happen.

Please note that I’m giving more details on heart consciousness and how it fits with the other levels of consciousness in the section “Levels of consciousness” on pages [ ]

No matter whether people experience “the heart consciousness” or not, life will gradually start to feel more like surfing on the wave, or going with the flow for all warm-hearted/spiritually awakening people. Whereas life for people living to feed their ego, who thrive and dominate in the mind-based world, will feel like going against an ever strengthening wind.

And so the warm-hearted people will be gradually lifted above the cold hearted ones and will thrive in the new world after 2012. With their open hearts they will find it easier and faster to create the reality they desire and to materialise things in the physical world. And so over time the warm-hearted people will become the new leaders. Over time they will make this world like the dream world that they carry in their hearts.

Some of you may be wondering how you will know when you are “moving to the higher heart consciousness”, what it will feel like. It will feel like spiritual awakening feels. For exampleyou may feel that things around you have changed somehow. Everything will seem more peaceful. Many things will suddenly feel happier & more enjoyable, e.g. colours look more vibrant and bright, everything around you becomes more alive, music sounds more beautiful, food has deeper tastes / healthy food tastes more fulfilling.You may feel the love energy behind a lot of these things.

More is described in the [  ]. There is also a useful self-assessment test to check how expanded is your consciousness at the moment.


Other changes slowly on the way

The transition to a compassionate earth will bring many other happy changes over time. Here are some main ones.

-Darkness starts to struggle to win over the lightas the light has bigger impact.  Like a spoilt child that did not get its way, the dark will fight the presence of light and love and it will unfortunately cause more damage. But the dark will feel that things are not the same any more, it can’t seem to win easily like before.. More presence of light and love will make the dark smaller over time. And so its fight will slowly turn into a fight for its own survival J 

And so things that do not have integrity or do not strive for highest good today will stop working tomorrow. For example, companies which do not produce products and provide services for the highest good will be in decline and the ones that do will be on the rise. Same downward trend awaits companies that exploit people, animals or natural resources. Or the rigid structures and frames that people created to keep order, hierarchy and segregation will start to crumble to give way to a fairer, more spontaneous, intuitive and heart-based expressions. Watch the space J

I know that this seems unbelievable and unimaginable at the moment, but with all our help, we should enjoy such world one day. And hopefully before 2031. I’m shining light into some of that darkness in the chapter [  ] on pages [  ] 

-There will be many new inventions to help us. New easier ways to create electricity, to purify water, to feed and heal ourselves will be discovered. They will eventually be accessible to all. New amazing qualities of pure water will be discovered too. These inventions will often be made by young scientists who will “operate at higher level” than their older generation peers.

The biggest invention will be made by quantum scientists. We may have to wait a decade or so before it arrives but it will be so revolutionary that it will re-write not only the science text books.. The scientists will discover the way to see multidimensional quantum energy.  And the way to tune into it.

This will make people realise what some already know - that the universe is multidimensional and it is full of life. Not only there are many intelligent societies in the universe but there are many invisible beings in our world, like soul of the trees. And thanks to this invention, we will suddenly be able to communicate with many of these beings...


Unfortunately, there are likely to be negative changes too L.

Partially because of the long-term harm that man did to Earth and because of other accumulated negativity, the Earth will need to go through a period of cleansing and rebalancing. This is likely to be accompanied by bigger weather changes and increasing amount of natural disasters.

 It is anybody’s guess how long this will last but it will settle down one day. I can only hope that people will not suffer during these weather changes and events, even though the chances are that some will. If that happens I hope that this will unite people and nations and they will wholeheartedly offer their helping hand.

And many people will find it harder to overcome the speeding up of time, or better our perception of it. Time has been speeding up for a while now and many people have noticed this. Some feel that there is less time to do things than before (and often say “where did the day / year go?”), and others feel that somehow they are experiencing more things and emotions in one day.

These and other Earth changes that are happening are described in the chapter [How is Earth changing?] on pages [  ]. I also give my views there on how to make most of some changes.


Chapter 2 – Awakening and enlightenment explored


We can loosely make a distinction between life and spiritual awakening.

Under life awakening I mean realising that things around us are very different than they seem. It is beginning to see in between lines and underneath the surface. It is understanding what is life all about, discovering and connecting the various pieces of the truth about life. The truth that some never saw because they didn’t look properly, because it was hidden from them, because they wore the wrong glasses..  It is better understanding of how our mind and our heart really works. It is discovering how we create our own reality. And many more.

Everybody knows something about these things but there is always more to discover..

Let’s briefly look at today’s world and people around us. Many will see a sad picture more often than a happy picture. Many people spend most of their adult lives working to earn enough money to provide for themselves and their families. And they find it difficult.  They often work long hours, don’t enjoy their work, and are unfairly treated by their employers, like unreasonable demands, low salaries and barriers to salary increases and so on.  But they accept it because they often know no different. I admire their ability to accept but it does not have to be this way.

Then there are people who have enough money to get by and they concentrate on trying to become rich. Some achieve it and some don’t.  Those who don’t are often dissatisfied and even disappointed with themselves. What a waste. And those people who finally become rich surround themselves with luxuries, isolate themselves from people and try to become even richer. But they usually are still not happy. The amount of love they give and receive goes down and they often feel a sense of loneliness and emptiness at a deeper level.

What else do many people strive for other than having lots of money? They look for other ways of feeding their own ego, like to be better than others, have power over others, be respected and admired for own achievements, skills or looks. But actually the satisfaction and happiness that these bring is usually superficial and short-lived compared to the sense of fulfilment and happiness at deeper levels..

As an example imagine for a moment the sense of satisfaction and happiness that a good lawyer experiences when he/she successfully defends a murderer in a court room, knowing that they are guilty... He gets lots of money for it and buys his third Porsche car... And now compare it to how a loving ego-less surgeon working tirelessly on a low wage in a state’s hospital (he is a missionary J) feels when he/she tells the anxious parents in the waiting room that he/she saved the live of their child with a miraculous operation.


What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is like a noticeable expansion or shift in own consciousness and awareness. This can be described in many ways:

Opening yourself to who you really are and not to who you thought you were. It is recognising your true nature. It is like becoming aware of a new world, like hearing music for the first time. A kind of flowering of your consciousness into a fuller more beautiful expression.

Man can often be seen as a pre-programmed machine with the driver sleeping. Awakening happens when the driver wakes up and takes control of the steering wheel. 

A gradual energetic shift at all our levels – physical, emotional, mental, energy, light level.  Spiritual awakening is

As we spiritually grow / awaken and so expand our consciousness beyond the normal emotional and mental consciousness that people tend to operate at (the levels of consciousness are described on pages [ ]), we gradually bring more of our Higher self into our consciousness. That way we will feel our Higher self more, communicate with our Higher self more, and eventually fully “merge” with our Higher self (enlightenment)

As will be explained later,we also raise our energy vibration and bring more of the light from our Higher self and from around us into our aura (we start building our light body).  That way we start emitting light & raise the energy vibration of everything around us – people, matter, everything – just by being there J. Your heart, mind and body become a carrier of the divine.

There is no end to how much we can spiritually awaken, there is no end to how much enlightened we can become.

There are as many paths and methods of awakening as there are human beings.  We are the paths!

Actually the way life works, it constantly sends us opportunities to spiritually awaken. And if we choose not to, it will send us more opportunities later and make us experience things which slowly accumulate in us desire to awaken, perhaps because the way we live is not making us happy...


How does spiritual awakening feel?

People who spiritually awaken / significantly expand their consciousness, do 2 things:

They continue to live everyday life because that is why they came. But they know it is a clever game, lesson and a test. It is a theatre play of opposites* and they are the actors. Actors who can play and be anything they like. When they play a person who is ill, they know it is an act, and that feels so liberating..

And so in life they don’t get stuck in the life dramas, in negative emotions, they don’t get negatively affected by undesired outcomes, don’t get puzzled by what is happening to them and around them. They have fun with life, understand what is happening and create the reality and future they desire.

*the duality of Creation – see universal law of Duality on page [ ]

Secondly, they also get a taste for life at a deeper level, where there is peace, sacred wisdom and knowing, deep joy & happiness, connection with everything.  As they approach enlightenment, they prefer to stay at these levels for longer and go deeper. And this alongside living the everyday life with other people.


The awakened state of mind and heart

Now let’s look at how these people would summarise in a few sentences how they are / their state of mind when they are spiritually awakened / have expanded consciousness:

  • I’m kind of floating = I’m very relaxed, happy, have no resistance to life & events, accept things as they are and have little attachments to things; and
  • I’m very present = I’m very conscious& alert (and yet relaxed) and connected to my body. I am in the present moment, feel own body from within “at the back of my mind”, am able to clearly focus.The resulting sharper senses and deeper feelings allow me to be aware of so much more around me than other people (detailed things as well as high level staff);and
  • I have kind of higher awareness, constantly stepping back and seeing & feeling things from higher bird’s eye perspective.  
  • I’m living / acting more through heart than mind,

This increases the love I feel inside and the love I spread and it leadsto less thinking and insteaddeeper understanding and knowing, using intuition.

In this state of mind we are connected to our real conscious self and close to our Higher self.This is a wonderful place to be J. This “connection” and the amazing benefits & consequences of it are described later in the book, for example in the section Who are you really? Are you your mind? on pages [  ]. We will call this state going forward“the awakened state of mind and heart”.

As we will learn later,it is all about the states of mind. They bring the emotions that we feel.. An awakened person often gets into different states of mind than a non-awakened person. And so she/he experiences different emotions too. Like deeper love, peace, joy and happiness within.


You can get into “the awakened state of mind and heart” right now

You don’t have to wait for this state of mind to come as you spiritually awaken J

It all starts with intent, so if you just try to be in this state for a moment here and there, you should experience & speed up your spiritual awakening. You will expand your consciousness.

It is key to combine all 4 things together – being very present, having higher awareness, living through the heart and “floating”.

If we intentionally get into the“awakened state of mind”during many of the coming self-analysis and other exercises, the results will be more amazing..


Characteristics of spiritual awakening / expanded consciousness

There are many characteristics of being spiritually awakened / having expanded consciousness beyond the normal emotional and mental consciousness that people tend to operate from(the levels of consciousness are described on pages [ ]).

People tend to have very individual experiences. The key common characteristics are below. Some are expansions of the awakened state of mind described above.


A clear and peaceful mind

Clear mind having removed mind clutter like busy, uncontrollable, negative & unproductive thoughts etc. Not accompanying our thoughts by talking to ourselves in our mind... Because regular meditations is one way to achieve this, no wonder it is a key aspect of many spiritual practices.

Being peaceful and relaxed. Not resisting and accepting life and day-to-day things as they are, with deeper understanding that they are like that for a reasons (to help people develop, result of potentials created in the past and so on). By the way, this does not mean doing nothing about things that are not “happy” / not full of love and which can be improved.

Limited attachments to things / events / achievements etc.

Having no fears or worries


Increased presence (being more in the present moment),and Higher awareness

Being continually very present, aware and alert. When doing things, doing them fully with all their presence, e.g. when engaging with people, meditating, observing things. An overall tendency to enjoy doing less and “just being” more.

Being an observer to everything, an observer who is very aware of self, what is going on, the surroundings. Seeing & feeling things from higher & higher perspective, as well as thinking from a higher perspective (but not too much J).

Having subtle ongoing body awareness. Feeling own body from within “at the back of our mind”. Some people “just” have ongoing subtle awareness of their heart and/or breathing. Also when doing things like listening, speaking, reading, watching something, doing it with “the whole body” rather than just with the mind.

Having the ability to sharply focus on things and so get deep into anything you focus on

As we increase our awareness and presence, we expand our consciousness and so strengthen our intuition / 6th sense. Our 5 physical senses also become sharperand we start perceiving the world at a deeper level. Not onlywhat we see, hear, taste, smell & feel but we also start becomingaware of the silence in between sounds and the space surrounding us. We find peace in submerging ourselves in the silence and in the spaciousness and may feel their strong presence. All these things truly enriche our life.

We usually also develop stronger connection with nature and become more aware of its beauty and perfection.

A cluttered mind is a big obstacle to increasing our consciousness and awareness.

 In energy language increasing our consciousness is referred to as increasing the level of our energy vibration. It is not just us but everything vibrates at a certain level. Matter vibrates at very low level compared to sound, and light. Loving thought and feeling vibrates at very high level compared to selfish thought and feeling and so on)


Easier access to and communication with our subconscious mind

As we expand our consciousness, we become aware of more things stored in our subconscious mind..

(this is explained in the section Subconscious mind – not just the storage of our internal reality  on pages [ ])


Living more through heart than mind

Having heart wide opened. Being a loving person with strong compassion and tolerance towards other people and everything alive. In other words feeling love inside and outside and spreading it

Making decisions mainly from our heart and intuition (together with our Higher self) rather than mind(covered on pages [ ])

Not mentally commenting, judging and analysing what we observe (this is the act of mind), just feeling it through with our heart.


Developed Intuition / 6th sense & Knowing

Greater openness to receiving intuitive thoughts and feelings from higher parts of self, divine beings, God. Reduced thinking which is clearer, more high level and more creative. When enlightened, the deeper knowing is stronger and the need to logically think to make decisions and so on is very limited.

You just know lot of things at a deeper level.  You know what is right, the truth etc. without having to logically think about it. The higher awareness we developed and the more we feel things through our heart, the more we are able to more deeply understand things, realise things and their inter-connection, see solutions at a higher level.

You gain wisdom and understanding why are things happening to you and around you


Gaining control of own life through:

Insight into how we and the other side create our reality. This also puts us in good position to avoid creating “negative karma” with our actions and clear the accumulated unhappy things like negative emotions.

Greater ability to create reality and materialise things in the physical world,such as things that we want in our life

People are like tiny sail boats on their own in a stormysea.The waves and wind throws them from side to side and they can’t control it. Becoming awakened changes that. We gain control of the boat, of our own life.


Deeper sense of happiness, joy and peace

Once you gain control of the boat you move to become the deep and calm ocean. Things no longer affect you. Yes there will still be waves and milder storms on the surface but you will change your negative perception of them. You will see them as being part of the dance called Life.


Gradual increase of the connection with own Higher self and God, and subsequent “merging” with Higher self (enlightenment). All of the above leads to this...

As the connection grows, we get greater understanding of who we are, how godly is our essence, how all is interconnected, how we are a big part of all.


Improved health

As we bond more with our Higher self through increasing our consciousness, we bring more of the light from our Higher self into our body, we increase the vibration of our body.. And then our health will improve and our internal organs & systems will function better.

Please bear in mind that our Higher self is already well connected with our body – somebody in addition to our genes has to drive the miracle of how our body, organs, cells function individually and as one, when it is not the conscious us.

The health improvement is usually gradual and it happens together with body cleansing and balancing. As the cleansing and balancing is usually accompanied by series of physical manifestations like colds, flu-like symptoms, headaches, backaches, muscle pains & spasms and other, it often does not feel like our health is improving L

The possibilities for improved health in the long-term are magical. We are talking here about super health, and eventually even the ability to positively change our DNA. This includes activating the hidden strands of our DNA one day J(humans have 2 strands, but there are altogether 8 more strands which are dormant and have not yet materialised at the physical level). 

And remember that the DNA contains operating instruction about every bit of our body. So one day humans will be able to grow back parts of their body that they traumatically lost, like their hands and legs J. Why not when it is a piece of cake for octopus to do it...


Gaining some supernatural abilities

They come when you are ready for them. They are mainly gifts for you to help others with.



What is enlightenment?

There are many ways of describing and explaining enlightenment. Looking at our conscious mind, our connection with our Higher self and God, the light within us:

You become one / merge with your Higher Self and so become complete. You bring the full consciousness of your Higher self into your consciousness. That way your Higher self becomes fully conscious in Creation, fully enters the physical world, and so you complete the journey of incarnations.

Light is manifestation of God and our godly Higher selves. By integrating our Higher self fully into our consciousness and physical world, we bring the light of our Higher self into our aura and our light body (which we would have built during our spiritual growth). And so enlightenment can be described as being filled with light, know & understand light, act in the way of light & highest good and have high skill of emitting light & harmony into everything around you. 

The important thing to remember is that all this does not just happen at the point when we reach enlightenment. As we said earlier, we gradually bring more of our Higher self into our consciousness / we feel our Higher self more as we spiritually grow. We also bring more light from our Higher self and from around us into our aura. And so we start emitting light and raise the energy vibration of everything around us – people, matter, everything – way before we reach enlightenment J.  

Enlightenment is also like reaching the top of the mountain and clearly seeing, feeling and being part of everything around you, being one with everything there is, with the whole Being. A realisation that my essence that I feel inside, my  spark of life, is the “same” spark of life that is inside other people and together they form the whole Being, Life itself. Feeling & experiencing thatI’m that great I’m.   

When one reaches enlightenment it does not mean that they reached perfection and the end of their growth.There are always higher levels of consciousness & enlightenment that one can reach. The level of our enlightenment depends on the level of light energy flowing through us.The more light, the deeper the level of enlightenment..

Eventually, every enlightened spirit experiences the magnificence of merging with the whole Being and so becoming fully part of God – how we originally started... The difference is that the spirit’s consciousness is now much more evolved mainly thanks to the achievements in the Creation. And because we are an individual spirit and at the same time all spirits are part one Being (all life there is), our evolvement increases consciousness of the whole Being too. We enrich the whole Being by many things, especially that which we created, resolved and illuminated with our light.


Drop and ocean analogy

There is a lovely analogy to the above in the Earth’s water cycle. Imagine that the whole Being is the ocean. Individual spirits are created from the ocean as the water on the surface evaporates into the sky and creates water drops when it rains. The drops then fall on earth = incarnate in Creation, without any awareness of who they are. They have forgotten that they are part of the ocean and they do not recognise their new form as a drop = human being in our case.

And then they travel through the underground streams, brooks and rivers back to the ocean. This is a  journey of recognising who they are (they are the drop, the stream, the brook, the river and eventually the ocean). I.e. a journey of expanding their consciousness during many incarnations.

By the time they reach the ocean they are evolved drops – fully aware who they are. This way the ocean = the whole Being / life evolves too, it becomes more conscious than before.


What is it like to be enlightened?

Words are not enough to describe how being enlightened feels and personal experience is the real thing. But here are some common features:

It feels like the most incredible sense of happiness, joy, peace, understanding and knowing.

You have huge compassion and your natural state is to unconditionally love. In some situations you still feel sadness.

You have an expanded sense of self beyond physical self. You have a deep sense of unity with other people, with animals & whole nature and deep connection with God and the whole Being.

You live fully in the present moment where everything is and your mind is not pre-occupied with / attached to the past or future.

In many cases you don’t have to think, you just know. You intuitively understand the laws of universe. You are realising all the levels of truth. You sense how energy materialises into the physical world from higher levels.

All your senses are so sharpened that you are experiencing reality at much deeper level. You see people’s aura to various degree, from which you can learn to interpret their emotions, thoughts, blockages. Trees, flowers or stones look shiny and velvety. You see their glowing colourful energy, feel their presence and that they are aware of you being there. You feel how you’re connected.

In an enlightened state you have a variety of abilities which are often referred to as supernatural abilities and skills. They reflect your godly higher self that you have fully brought into your consciousness. Here are some:

-Ability to heal

-Ability to realise past & present events and predict future events based on the potential of the present moment

-Ability manifest / create things in the material world quickly and so directly and instantly influence your environment

-Genius creative and artistic skills, ability to speak and understand foreign languages

-Ability to look into other dimensions, see and communicate with the non-physical beings there (from higher spiritual dimensions or lower dimensions) and with all that has “life spark within”.

-Feeling / sensing people’s higher selves

-Ability to levitate,

-Ability to raise own vibration to “become invisible in a crowd”


How can we tell that we are approaching enlightenment? - Rising kundalini

Kundalini energy (known as Shakti) is a key evolution force of a human being. It is the deepest instinct which drives us towards spiritual development and reaching enlightenment. This energy is partially present in all of us from birth. The amount of the energy increases as the person mentally and spiritually develops. But the vast majority of Kundalini “sleeps” in a reservoir around people’s coccyx / bottom end of the spine.

When one reaches high level of spiritual development, the “sleeping” Kundalini starts activating, releasing from the reservoir and rising up the spine and sometimes body. One reaches high level of spiritual development when one partially or fully integrates its soul and higher self into its awareness / consciousness.

Sensitive people can feel warmth in the coccyx / bottom end of the spine and the energy flowing up the spine, sometimes as a burning sensation or even flames. When it reaches the head it vertically comes out through the crown chakra in the head and merges with godly energy (Shakty). This merged energy “falls” down on the body like when one has a shower and purifies every cell of the body, the mind and the soul.  and Some Eastern [traditions] / religions refer to it as a rising snake in our spine, awakening of Kundalini goddess within us.

There are many layers of kundalini and their overall release may be likened to pealing the layers of a big onion.

Kundalini energy unblocks the energetic, mental and emotional blocks in the body on its way up. It prepares mainly the physical and energy body for receiving light in the build up to enlightenment. It also hugely expands human consciousness and so affects every element of our being from our biological functions to our mind, concept of who we are and our reality,

This process usually takes a number of years before the body is fully cleansed and filled with light.

It can be a blissful experience or painful and hard to cope with mentally. This depends on how much energy gets released from the source. – releasing a few layers of kundalini at the same time usually brings the person into a wonderful blissful state which can last days (they may think they reached enlightenment..)

More importantly the experience depends on how ready is the person and his/her body for it. I.e. how big are the energy blockages, emotional & mental scars / blockages, how rigid are person’s beliefs, habits, desires & mental attitudes, personal qualities, attachments and resistance.. If the body is too blocked the rising of Kundalini may feel like electricity of 220 Volts is burning through a wire that takes only 120V.

It is also important that one has a good posture / straight back when the rising of Kundalini starts. A slouching back (lordosis) is likely result in the diversion of the rising energy and its accumulation in the stomach, causing intensive emotions, stomach ache and stomach ulcers in a worse case if it continues for a long time.

Occasionally a person may unintentionally stimulate and release Kundalini before he/she is ready for it. This can happen when using drugs, becoming overworked (drawing Kundalini to sustain the pace), during depression, extreme sadness, trauma, big fear, during excessive meditation, exercise and sex, coccyx accident.

 The symptoms of either early or bigger release of Kundalini than our body can handle, or sometimes the symptoms of the actual body cleansing of blocked areas often are:

-Waves of feeling hot and cold similar to those that women experience in the menopause

-Reduced ability to cope with every-day life

-General state of confusedness

-Swings between extreme mental sharpness and dullness

-Losses of memory

-Extreme changes of moods, incl. depressions or ecstasy

-Seeing light, colours, geometric shapes, visions from the past or future events

-Unexplained temporary illnesses

-Extreme changes in the look – one can look many years younger one minute and many ears older next minute


Chapter 3 - How things really are

Who are you really? Are you your mind?

We’ll start looking for an answer to this by doing a Who am I observer exercise:

  • Find a comfortable and undisturbed place and sit down.
  • Now can you become anobserver of yourself? – a second pair of eyes watching over you from above?
  • Watch over your body first, then over your head,
  • Then move to observe how you feel,
  • Then usually the difficult bit – move to observe your thoughts (that your mind creates or thoughts that freely come into your mind), and finally
    • Try to observe everything together - your body, your feelings / emotions and your thoughts


And now back to thinking again, who was this observer? By observing your thoughts you have also observed your mind, so it couldn’t have been your mind that observed your mind... It was kind of a higher mind, right?

This higher mind is you when you are very present .. When you just are.

Well, and this “higher” mind is very close to the real conscious you. The real you who does not worry, does not fear, does not judge, is happy, joyful, peaceful, gives and receives love!  But it is our analytical mind, our ego that usually tells us that we will feel happy, joyful etc. only when we do something, get something, prevent something etc. It creates conditions for us when we shall be happy.. We even love conditionally.

The real you does not depend on the future, on the achievement of certain things to feel this way, to be fulfilled. The real you does not need to do something, get something, prevent something or improve/change something to be happy, joyful and loving. It just is. Here and now.

Similarly the identity of the real you is not formed by the past, by your achievements etc. It is also not formed by your isolation from others, by standing above others - this is all ego’s way. The identity of your real you is how the real you is now. And the real you is already unique and magnificent. It has many unique abilities and talents that you have probably not discovered yet...


Becoming your real conscious you

As you spiritually awaken you start becoming the real conscious you. And this state will be permanent because you will permanently expand your consciousness.

You can also temporarily become / feel the real conscious you, when you temporarily expand your consciousness. For example when you get into in the “awakened state of mind and heart”for a while J(described in the spiritual awakening section above on p [ ]).


Becoming your Higher self

The real conscious you is very close to your Higher self.. (Higher self is defined on pages [ ]).So the more you become the real conscious you, the closer you get to your Higher self.

By getting closer to our Higher self we experience our Higher self. We experience our higher self through the help and love that we receive, the communication via intuition, symbols & coincidences, the supernatural qualities we are gifted and many more.

Looking at this from the consciousness side, we said earlier thatas we expand our consciousness, we start integrating the consciousness of our Higher self into our own consciousness / awareness and aura.The good news is that this is happening whenever anybody expands their consciousness, whether they know anything about spiritual awakening or not!  And as we bring the consciousness of our Higher self into our consciousness, we start to merge with our Higher self..Until we fully become the complete us - we reach enlightenment.

Our heart is another bridge to our Higher self. Themore we open our heart, the more we connect with our Higher self. Our Higher self feels us, responds to us and sends us lots of love when it starts to feel the love and compassion within us.

The spark that comes from our Higher self are our deeper feelings..

You will discover these higher parts of yourself gradually. Higher parts that you did not know existed, you were previously not aware of. Initially you will “just” connect with these higher parts, and then you will start merging with them..


Difference between you and angel

Now, do you know how big is the difference between the real & complete you and an angel? Quite small actually J.  We are both a piece of God!Your spirit has been created from God’s essence / from God self to develop and become fully conscious and an Angel was created from God’s essence to exercise God’s will and help spirits to develop. 

You are that small piece of God who has chosen to develop by coming to earth and be a human being. To do that you agreed to forget who you really are and disguised yourself as a seemingly fragile human being... The angels and other divine beings stay on the other side to help you with your journey.  Did you get it? It is grand! You are magnificent and divine inside and we are all one big family!

And when you awaken and connect with the second half of you, you become kind of an angel with flesh and blood living on this Earth...  You will have immense power to create compassion and light everywhere you go and the ability to create heaven on earth as you wish.Yes, you will see or/and feel that angel in the mirror when you look at yourself one day...


Love for self

We said that the real you does not worry, does not fear, does not judge, is happy, joyful and spreads love.  It is the innocent, happy and loving child within you, similar to an excited and happy child in the moment he/she starts walking for the first time.. We can often feel this child when we live through our heart.  

How can we ever not love or not like such a person? Yet we often don’t. As we grow up we became more serious, take on all those life responsibilities, pressures and worries, adjust to life demands. We move to live mainly through our mind and not our heart… And we tend to forget about the child within. Some adults find the thought of an inner child ridiculous.

Along with this many people start not liking various things about themselves at various stages in their lives. Some as soon as in their early childhood when peer pressure starts building up. They usually don’t like the way they look, but also if they lack physical abilities, confidence, self-esteem, intelligence. Or if they get ill regularly, fear things, worry, made bad decisions, forget things and so on. And they then often carry this unhappy state of mind and linked emotions with them for big part of their lives.

And you can see the sad consequences of people generally not liking themselves or/and their body: They may not care about themselves much, e.g. they don’t respect their body, don’t look after their health & well-being, don’t give themselves rest when they are not well, or don’t create time to relax and enjoy life. Or they can be tough on themselves, blame themselves for many things and “allow” external world (work, people) to make them stressed.

In summary, these people don’t love themselves!Yet they may like, love and care so much about their children, partners, parents, even pets…

But the key to our mastery is the opposite to suppressing our true self. It is to love ourselves and to love our inner child. It is also allowing our inner child = our inner self to express itself!. Actually, our soul is also like this innocent and loving child. And it can get really hurt, even fragmented by the way we are.

Loving ourselves is to realise that we are magnificent inside, that we are divine. And it is our ego that does a good job in hiding this from us and often leads us astray.