Become your Higher self ebook

Greetings and welcome to a place where miracles do happen and where fantasy becomes reality.  I invite you to set off on an adventure leading to spiritual awakening. I invite you to co-create much happier and fairer world we live in.

You will find 2 things here:

1. I have written a magic book “Become your Higher self" which empowers people by helping them experience fast spiritual awakening and discover who they really are.  Whilst it is being published, this unique ebook is available for free on this website - for a short time you can save or view as a pdf document here. The other amazing thing about it is that it is a portal to higher consciousness and it shows readers how they can easily receive healing Reiki energy through it if they want. It is is free of any religion / faith,  and was also written as a spiritual guide for the new era after the magic date of 21.12.2018.

Just reading this e-book with an open mind will significantly expand readers' consciousness, open their heart chakra (and so feel an increased amount of the love energy) and connect with their Higher self. This is a key step on everyone's journey towards enlightenment / nirvana.

In addition this book also:

- Reveals many secrets and truths of how life really works. Nothing is like it seems.. For example, because there are no coincidences, how do we and our Higher self attract the events that happen to us? What have we attracted to learn and develop from and what is the result of our thoughts and beliefs? Or what have we attracted as our opportunities to make decisions and so define who we are? Knowing this puts people in far better position to understand the things that are happening to them and around them. It allows them to more easily overcome the difficult events & situations they face and to create a happier reality for themselves.

- Reading the book with an open mind should act like a spiritual initiation, self-empowerment which connects you to some extent to your higher parts of self, like your soul and spirit. Through this connection and the acquired knowledge and understanding you can claim your true power, find inner peace, deeper purpose and joy.

- Some people feel that reading this book almost takes them into another dimension where there is a lot of love energy. Others feel like they are waking up from a dream perceived as reality. In other words, the book takes you more into the present moment, just like the book called "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

- It helps people become more aware of themselves and everything around them. They then start to see much more clearly who they really are, what they carry in their mind and heart, their mental and emotional patterns.

- It helps people live more through their heart, overcome their fears and find deeper level of happiness, peace and fulfilment. It is mainly through heart & compassion and expanded consciousness that we connect to our Higher self, increase our intuition and move closer towards enlightenment.

- It offers tools to get in control of their life, create happier reality, clear unhelpful emotions stored in the body and balance other disharmonies like attachments.

All chapters have now been released on this website whilst the book is being published. There is a separate editable notebook with tests and self-analysis. This includes a self-assessment test of the level of own spiritual awakening which is proving very popular.

For downloading the free e-book, please click here, or on the picture of the door or on the Awakening Guide tab. As can be seen from the book content, there is a lot in there. I really hope that every reader can find something what they are looking for.


2. The second thing this website offers is a Free private spiritual consultation with Michael, the book's author to assist anyone on their awakening and broader spiritual journey. It can also be used as a way to contact Michael for other reasons.