Content of Become your Higher self ebook


 Foreword - About the Author


Chapter 1 – First glimpse behind the veil

Who is this book for?

What do I want to achieve with this book?

Who will not like this book?

How is the book structured?

Are you really ready to awaken and what will start happening if you say yes?

What really happened on 21 December 2012?

Moving to Heart consciousness

Other changes slowly on the way


Chapter 2 –Life awakening, spiritual awakening and enlightenment explored - Released

What is life awakening

What is spiritual awakening

How does spiritual awakening feel like

Characteristics of spiritual awakening

Self-assessment test- How spiritually awakened are you? Signs of awakening

Enlightenment - End game

What is enlightenment

What is it like to be enlightened

How can we tell that we are on the path to enlightenment – Raising Kundalini


Chapter 3 - How things really are

Who are you really? Are you your mind?

Difference between you and an angel

Love for self

Our life journey

How do we experience each moment in life

 -experiencing the external reality

 -experiencing our internal reality

How are our experiences and events that happen to us created

      -what we create

      -what is created from above

      -events seemingly created by other people

      -how can this be when it is often logically impossible

How do we usually react to things that happen to us?

So how shall we react to things that happen to us?

What else do we do with this new sacred knowledge now?


What did we choose before we were born?

Why do we reincarnate and do we bring things from previous lives into this life?

Self-analysis– Understanding the main life choices we made before we were born

Self-analysis– Understanding better our main life events


How is future created - The illusion of linear time

Events involving more than one person - expanded


What defines who we are as a person

Our decisions, choices, actions and reactions

    -How do we make them and can they be predicted?

    -Two ways to better decisions

    -Making decisions in partnership with our higher self

    -Were our “wrong” decisions in the past really wrong?

    -We are where we are as a result of everything up to this point

Our words

Our intent

Our thoughts, beliefs, opinions, desires

Our resistances

   -Our resistance to our experiences

   -Our resistance to ourselves and to things that don’t even exist

   -What happens inside when we resist

   -Let’s stop resisting

   -So how do we stop resisting?

   -What do we do with the stored negative emotions and thoughts created through past resistance?

Our attachments

The level of consciousness at which we operate


External reality – do we all see the same things?

-How does our mind determine what it brings into our awareness from what our senses pick up?

-How does our mind interpret what it brought into our awareness

How does the outside world really look like?

We live in the world of ideas


Chapter 4 –Achieving higher awareness and becoming more present

When are we present and when not?

The power of presence

The power of increased body awareness

Overcoming negative emotions and solving problems with higher awareness

Day to day benefits of being present with higher awareness

How to develop higher awareness and become more present

The Observer exercise for higher awareness

Beginner level- Observe self in a peaceful state

Intermediate level - Observe self during conversations with people

Advanced level- Observe self during uncomfortable / difficult / stressful situations

The Observer exercise for increased presence

Beginner level - Thoroughly observe an object

Intermediate level – Observe and feel the energy of a room you are in

Advanced level- Connect with nature

The Observer exercise for clearing mind

Beginner level - Concentrate on an object

Intermediate level – Observe your mind

Advanced level- Connect with nature


Chapter 5- Communicating with the other side

Recognising intuitive messages

Interpreting intuitive messages

State of Knowing

Practising intuition

Other ways the other side communicates with us

How can we feel divine beings?

 -Feeling an angel exercise

Are ghosts of people real?


Chapter 6 – Health secrets

Where do western and eastern medicines fall short?

The amazing immune system

The blood defences

The lymphatic defences

Stem cells

What do the cells and organs need to properly function?

Energy from food and liquids

Why do people get ill in general?

The message coming through physical pain

When does the blood and life force energy circulation reduce in an area of the body?

Vulnerable area is a good place for invaders to settle in

What toxins are people exposed to?

Where can’t white blood cells reach and find the invader at all?

What triggers off invaders into action?

Emotional and mental causes of health problems

Our attitude to our health is more important than many think

How do stored negative emotions affect our health?

Health problems beyond our control

Health problems as lessons organised from above

How do our bodies march towards balance?

Some of our unintended actions & decisions bring our health lessons or help our body’s march to balance

How are our bodies reacting to the clearing of mental and emotional baggage and overall spiritual growth?

Body clearing tends to happen in cycles

Key ways of improving health

Unknown way of slowing down ageing


Chapter 10 - Mysterious Emotions

Emotions vs. Physical feelings

Why do we feel emotions / have feelings?

When do we experience emotions?

What gives rise to a particular emotion / feeling?

So we ultimately decide what emotions we experience... with our states of mind

Sadly many people restrict their happy emotions to when some demanding conditions are met...

How do we change the emotions we feel

Our attraction to emotions

Addictions to emotions and physical sensations

We attract events & experiences which bring emotions linked to our internal reality

How do we experience an emotion when it arises?

What happens in our body when we experience an emotion

We are not always aware of our emotions

How long does an emotion last?

Suppressing emotions and storing them in our body

Where are emotions stored in the body

When are stored emotions triggered off?

Easy way to identify stored = dominant emotions

Releasing stored negative emotions and experiencing mainly positive emotions going forward


So how do we release negative emotions and experience mainly positive emotions going forward?

-Mechanical releasing of stored negative emotions from the physical body

-Intentional release of emotions through their physical expression

-Spontaneous release of emotions through their physical expression

-Body’s own attempt to clear negative emotions

-Alternative therapy techniques to release emotions

-Change the individual mental states causing these emotions

-Redefining the whole internal reality

-Generally opening and living more through our heart

-Transforming our stored emotions and personal qualities through our heart


Personality and Personal qualities

Positive and negative emotions / qualities are two sides of one coin

Emotions are expressions of certain amount of unconditional love or lack of it

Self-Assessment: Emotions & Qualities Self-Test- Pairs of emotions & qualities

Transforming personal qualities and stored negative emotions through heart = moving from negative emotion / quality to positive one

Love bath ritual

-Love bath ritual for personal qualities and stored emotions

-Love bath ritual whilst experiencing negative emotions

Can we strengthen our positive emotions and qualities “through our heart”?

Awakening of the emotional body


Chapter 8 - Creation / Universe

The Duality of the Universe

The struggle of light and darkness on earth / Where the world is and where it is heading

 Corporate Capitalism

 Why is it this way? Why is there so much darkness in our world?

 What is the alternative system?

 How are people changing the world for better

 Let’s stop feeding the system

 Our presence in places and our intent without any action also changes the world

 How is Earth changing

 How are We changing the world


Matter and Energy

What really is matter?

The main purpose of matter - To give our consciousness, soul & spirit opportunities to develop

What gives matter its energy? – Spirit

Creating matter with consciousness

Natural movement of energy

Moving energy with consciousness

Aether– the medium from which matter is formed and which carries energy


Love energy

Where is the love energy located and where does it come from?

How does love manifest itself in physical form?

The many ways how to feel love energy

Our Higher self is a huge source of love for us

When do we emit love energy?

Our mind can be a huge obstacle to receiving and spreading love

Akashic energy / Torsion waves


Chapter 9– Spirit and Consciousness

Is the other side really the other side?

How can we imagine the other side then?

Spirit – our higher self

How do we get closer to our higher self?

Can we help our higher self evolve?

Can we help the whole Being to evolve?

Drop and ocean analogy

What is consciousness?

Who has consciousness?

You are part of One consciousness

Consciousness as Hologram

Link between levels of energy and levels of consciousness

Explanation of energy vibration for the scientific reader


Levels of consciousness – levels of existence and chakras

 -Physical level

 -Energy = Aether level

 -Emotional = Astral level

 -Mental level

 -Conscience or Higher mental level

 -Heart consciousness = Intuitive level

 -Karmic level

 -Nirvanic level

 -Upper nirvanic level

 -Higher angelic and godly levels

Do we operate only at one level of consciousness at a time?


Brain waves





How to consciously move to Alpha brainwaves – the Rainbow walk

Brainwaves of spiritually awakened person

How can we get an idea of what brainwaves are we at? (without a brain wave machine)


Chapter 10 - Important laws of the Universe

Law of Polarity - Duality

Law of Rhythm / Cycle

The principle of a Circle

Law of Relativity

Law of a Spiral (coil)

-Life unfolds and moves forward like a spiral.

-The opportunities to learn / grow / clear disharmonies keep re-appearing until we take them

Law of Balance and Harmony

Law of Similarity

All is an open system like a lake

The law of Spirit

As above, so below

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe

Law of Karma / law of action and reaction

Law of Opportunity

Law of Sacrifice