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I was born in ex-Czechoslovakia and now live in London. I grew up in a society where spirituality was suppressed by the socialist regime. But I was lucky to regularly experience as a child the loving energy and spiritual healing from numerous Czech healers, in a search to treat my various allergies.

These experiences and my desire to understand how these magical things work were key reasons why I started my spiritual journey quite early on in life. I looked for answers to my never ending questions everywhere because little spiritual material was available in those days. In my late teens I became a Reiki healer after I was told that I have “healing hands”. This helped me to improve my intuition and better understand people.

I also knew that the political and educational system took our freedom away and was hiding the truth from us. The truth about who we are, about life, about the other side. So I peacefully fought for the truth during the velvet revolution in the Czech Republic by regularly taking part in the street demonstrations. But the better life that we won did not quite turn out to be what I was hoping for.

Keen to explore the world, I have done a fair amount of travelling after 1990. But I struggled to find abroad the better life that we were fighting for. I saw isolation, poverty and ignorance and I realised that the whole world has a long way to go.

All this helped me realise that another and perhaps a faster way to a happier world is through individual spiritual awakening.

Back to the spiritual side, I have been going through a real spiritual awakening since about 2005 when my consciousness noticeably expanded and I connected with my Higher self and divine beings like Kryon. I have been guided how to further “open my heart” and progress my spiritual journey ever since. I also received various spiritual gifts to use in helping people and developed deeper knowing & understanding of how things are. With this higher awareness I could also see my deeper disharmonies, like stored emotions of fear that I needed to clear.

So the next thing is how can I help many others to get there too. And much more easily than me, with less questions and unknowns. This is where my book comes in. Whilst I wholeheartedly help people individually with their spiritual journeys, I realised that I can multiply this help by writing and freely distributing this magical book. I can also devote some of my time to support the readers through free spiritual on-line consultations.

So let the global velvet revolution with a happy ending shift into another gear!

Love & Light

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