Public Discussion on Awakening

Please note that the discussion forum is currently off-line.


[Enter this chatroom if you would like to discuss topics suited for public discussion, which relate to awakening & enlightenment in general and to the subjects covered in the Fast Way to Awakening e-book. Here any site visitor can see what you write and can respond to you.

You can share your own awakening experiences here, offer your recommendations, advice and point of view, ask questions, make constructive comments about the book topics.

If you enter the discussion, please be so kind and show respect and tolerance with your contributions and language to other people and their views, as well as to the author and the book. Everybody goes through a unique spiritual path and so their experiences probably differ to yours. The idea is to help each other. We are all connected after all...

How does the public Discussion work

  • When you enter the discussion you will see various subjects. They relate to the main subjects in the Fast Way to Awakening book released so far.
  • You can choose a subject and click on it (the number in the brackets tells you how many topics there are on this subject).
  • You will then see the list of peoples´ contributions by topics. You can do two things:
  1. Reply to the contributions by topic - you do this by clicking on the contribution you want to reply to and then filling the form shown
  2. Enter your own contribution with your own topic - you do this by filling the form shown